Chewton Primary School
                                                                                                                'Nurturing the Whole Child in Every Child'



Mon. 3/9 All day Public Holiday
Fri. 3/13 All day Ride to School Day
Tue. 3/17 All day AFL 9's 5-6
Fri. 3/20 9:00 AM Oak Forest Ride 3-6
Sat. 3/21 8:00 AM BBQ fundraiser
Wed. 3/25 All day AFL 9's grade 3- 4
Fri. 3/27 All day Last Day of Term 2:30 finish
Mon. 4/13 All day Easter Monday
Tue. 4/14 All day First day of school and welcome to our new principal
Fri. 4/24 All day 3-6 Cross country

Details to follow 

Mon. 4/27 All day Pupil Free Day
Mon. 5/11 All day photo day
Mon. 6/8 All day Public Holiday
Sat. 6/13 All day Student choir Melb
Fri. 6/26 All day Last Day of Term 2:30 finish
Mon. 7/13 All day First Day of Term 3
Mon. 8/17 All day Science Week
Thu. 8/20 All day Possible Date for Science Dinner
Wed. 8/26
Fri. 8/28
9:00 AM
3:00 PM
3-4 camp Lady Northcote
Mon. 9/7 All day Our Book Week Wild Minds
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