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Chewton Primary is a small primary school in Chewton, 5 kms east of Castlemaine, Victoria. Our classrooms are in a heritage school building surrounded by landscaped gardens and lawn. Children have access to asphalt areas, an artificial turf oval, adventure play equipment and areas of bush where they explore and build cubbies.


The school has a dedicated art and music room, a library and three classrooms. We grow vegetables, fruits and keep chooks. Children and parents garden and cook our produce for the school. We regularly use our wood fired pizza oven for school and community occasions.


With a current enrollment of 63 children we are able to run 3 full time classes . The curriculum is focused on numeracy and literacy but includes; PE, music, art, intervention, library, performing arts. LOTE Chinese(Mandarin) and integrated inquiry subjects each term. The low student to teacher ratio means individual learning plans for students can be achieved and one-on-one assistance is available. ICT is utilised in all subject areas and there is 1:1 computer access.


The school is small and is run in a manner which integrates all ages and levels. The close family atmosphere, in a supportive community environment encourages children to be expressive, confident and secure. Children are encouraged to be individuals.


Small numbers mean all-school activities are possible and the school shares in camps and extra-curricula activities with other small schools in the district. Outings to science activities, museums, arts events and performances are encouraged and supported. Participation in local events and local organizations encourages children to think of themselves as part of a wider community. The school is part of the Active After School Communities program and offers coached physical education after school, two afternoons a week. The school also runs a free playgroup for 0-5 year olds, once a week.  Family day care is available 2 afternoons. 


As principal of Chewton Primary School, I invite you to come and talk to parents, staff and students as you make the important decision as to where to enroll your child.

I am committed to small school education and have a strong belief in what we have to offer at our school. Our children come as individuals  but work as a united group where we learn, play and share together. The whole school is our family and supports the values of our community. Our teachers are excellently placed to raise the level of our students as we know them all so well.  Small schools are not everyone first choice however I encourage you to see what we have to offer and learn more about our programs and visions.


Julie Holden



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